Fully 3D Created by `verse studio

Our long-term vision is to bridge the knowledge-gap around blockchain and NFTs  by providing a “phigital platform” in the form of a physically present web3 brand focusing on sharing knowledge, educating, producing ideas as well as incorporating sustainable DeFi mechanics.

Daemonverse are building the art & development branch of ’verse. The brand currently consists of ’verse gallery and now ’verse studio. Some of ’verse studios missions include; creating a set of multi-chain 1/1 collections, metaverse integrations, onboard talent to the web3 space and a hub for education and knowledge.


Matias H.
Founder & Artist

Experienced 3D-artist with over 10 years of experience with creating ideas and realizing them. Matias is also an experienced project manager. He is educating at a top 12 university for Visual effects.


Our team consists of talented and experienced individuals each with their own set of skills. 

Sophia A.
Founder & Gallery Owner

The gallery owner herself is a talented public speaker, with multiple appearances at web3 conferences such as Eth Denver. She is also scheduled for NFT.NYC this summer. She has an education in arts.

Mikail A.
Founder & Management

Mikail has built a management agency from the ground up and his company is among the top 5 management agencies in Norway. He has both an education in military leadership and literary history.

Sander G.
Community Manager

Experienced moderator in the space, he has built large discord communities and is a talented networker. Next step up was the managing role and is currently one of the best you could have.

Advisor & Marketing

ItsRagnar probably doesn't need an introduction. Has built one of the largest solana youtube channels in 6 months. Well connected with loads of valuable insight.

Moderator Team.
Discord, Collabs & Alpha

A team of dedicated and outspoken individuals creating a valuable and connected community in our discord server. 

Team `verse.
Branding & Development

Team `verse consists of several dedicated researchers and NFT veterans. They are working on providing the best user experience at our hub in Oslo.